Kamis, 27 Agustus 2009

Sonny Erricson C510 ponsel smile

SE C510 ponsel smile
This is the mobile phone camera that first smile berteknologikan SHUTTER, SE was launched by Indonesia in March 2009 with the launching price Rp.2, 8jt.

Though spelled the 2.2 inch screen that is coated by SE with the special anti-scratch glass, but the suggestions I still pakaikan screen mask to be more safe, because if the screen is scratched so I feel, smile detection and face do not seem dilayarnya:) .

With the label cyber-shot, C510 has a camera with 3.2 mpix capability that does not need to doubt, than the smile SHUTTER also have face detection to face memfokus a nice-nice that the results can be uploaded to facebook.

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